Green Wall System

As cities and building all around the world are being covered in green, we take a look at the phoenomenon of green walls. The firs example of green walls maybe found in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, even if they may have been more roof gardens then green walls. Later , from Scandinavia to Japan , nemerous civilizations used climbing plants to cover buildings, maing what is now called “green facades”.

Patrick Blanc, a French botanist , is noted as the first to design the “modern” pattern of green walls, with a full hydroponic system, an inert medium and numerous exotic species. His first wall is at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Our Eco Balance Vertical Planter comes with automatic watering system. Its let you create your Green Wall in easy way, just simply insert plants into felt pockets provided, add water and adjust watering timer. The planter is made from stainless steel, suitable for internal and external use. Here is some of the implementation at out clients place,


  • Economic Benefit

    Increase Usable & Amenity Space
    Increase Green Coverage Ratio
    Increase Property Value
    use Less Water

  • Environmental Benefit

    Improve Air Quality
    Reduce Carbon Dioxide
    Noise Reduction. Act as Noise Barrier

  • Building Energy benefit

    Lower Heat Absorption of wall
    Lower Indoors Temperature
    Reduce the Energy used for cooling

  • Health Benefit

    Clean interior air space by removing VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compound) and other harmful toxins lie benzene and formaldehyde

  • Aesthetic Benefit

    Impression of beauty
    Create Living Art


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