Solar Water Heater

Solar vacuum tube collectors are like a thermos. The heat energy will be trapped inside the vacuum tube and cannot escape. A flat plate collector (panel) is more like a regular coffee cup. The energy produced by a flat plate collector will quickly escape through the walls of the collector.

That’s why we guarantee hot water every single day after the installation of our solar water heater.

Instant Electric Water Heater
SolarGold Water Heater
Individual bathroom, and bathroom usage only  – Centralised hot water to every designed outlet  –
6 persons
10 minutes shower
3 showers a day
Total shower time 3 hrs
3.8 KW/hours x 3 hours = 11.4KW hrs
 – 4 persons
10 mninutes shower
3 showers a day
2 electric water heaters
(inclusive of installation) x RM 600Total for 10 years
(RM 0.43 x 4104KW hrs x 10years)
(based on Average electricity rate tariff RM 0.43)
 – Supply and installation of SolarGold intelligent solar water heater 4600
Row 4 col 1 content  –  – 4600

Total Saving over 10years: RM14247
Return of Investment: 23months

The solar water heater (tank and vacuum tube) is under 10years warranty. The electronic controller is under 1 year warranty. As we also provide hacking and piping installation service, all work will be under 1 year warranty.

No maintenance is needed. Monitor the condition of solar water heater with the intelligent controller provided. Contact us for inspection.

The outer tank material is Color Steel, inner tank material is SUS 304/2B Food Grade Stainless Steel. There won’t be major leaking problems as our solar water heater is non-pressurized.

Yes, there will still be hot water in rainy seasons. The hot water temperature will be shown on the intelligent controller. If you are not satisfied with the hot water temperature you can always manually activate the electric heater.

We’re the first and only solar water heater company in market which provides an intelligent controller with each and every solar water heater installed. The intelligent controller could help you monitor the condition of solar water heater, read the temperature water level data and more. For more information please download the intelligent controller manual attached.

Solar Lights

You will be able to buy it online on our website, in our office shop lot or any hardware shops.

The solar lights will be under one year warranty.

If the solar lights is not working, please fist check the light according to the FIRST TIME USE and PRECUATIONS stated in the manual. If the solar light is still not working, please change the rechargeable battery.

If the solar light is still not functioning, please sent it back to us and we’ll fix it for you. As long as the solar light is still under warranty, we’ll be responsible on all of the fixing expenses and parcel delivery fees.