Solar Lights – Info


    During the day, the solar panel converts solar power into the rechargeable the battery. At night, the light turns on automatically using the stored energy. How long the light illuminates depends on your geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal light availability.


    Choose an outdoor location with full, direct sunshine where the Solar panel can receive at least 6 hours of sunshine time each day. Shady locations will influence the batteries charge and shorten the working time of the light at night. The selected location should not be near strong lighting sources such as street lights, Which may cause light to turn off automatically due to the sensor inside to sense brightness and control the light working.


    Depending on the model, flick the switch on the battery box to ‘’ON ‘’ or withdraw the plastic protection strip located in the case of the batteries, the system will start to work automatically. When the environment turns dark, the solar light will turn on automatically. During the day, the solar light will turn off and store energy from solar energy from solar panel automatic. If you press the button again, the current will break off to keep energy. If the light does not turn on automatically at night after 6 hours of charging at day, please check following things :

    1. Ensure the power switch is in the “ON” position.( According to the model )
    2. Check the batteries to ensure it is securely in contact with the terminals.
    3. The light should be in a sunny location and not in a shady area with the solar panel facing the sun.

    1. Note that the light is designed to work when day turned to dark only. If there are strong light sources nearby. The LED light may be very dim or not work at all.
    2. Although the battery has been charged by the manufacturer. The electric level may have dropped when you receive it. Please charge it for a full day for maximum performance.
    3. The surface of the solar panel must be kept clean. If it is dirty, it will influence the charging efficiency.

    If the lights stops working after period of time, the battery will have reached the limit of its lifespan. Open the battery cover to replace with a new rechargeable battery. Lifespan of new rechargeable battery can be last after 18 months .